This time it’s the Liberal Democrats in Leigh who are no respecter of the rules

Focus on Leigh 2The latest election literature from Southend West’s Liberal Democrats shows it is not just the Tories who can cheat the rules – their Governmental marriage partners can also show contempt for fair play.

There is a theme developing amongst councillors seeking re-election. They are plastering their leaflets with their councillor email addresses, and this is wrong.

As a colleague put it: “Public money cannot be used for purposes of political campaigning. The infrastructure for the council’s email system is paid for with public money.”

I believe that their councillor telephone numbers are also being shown.

That aside, I really do not understand their fondness for A3 – and I know that Labour also produces A3 editions of its literature. However, notwithstanding my bias, I really do believe ours are of a better quality.

If nothing else, the Lib Dems ought to invest in a decent camera.

Anyway, according to them they all but walk on water. The reality, as most voters will recognise, is that they do not. They have betrayed their supporters by giving Cameron and his Conservatives everything they want. Nick Clegg’s party have been punished since 2010 for propping up a very right-wing Government, and I expect this punishment will continue in May.

Whilst Peter Wexham waxes lyrical on past glories, he neglects to remind readers that it is his party that has inflicted savage cuts to council budgets. The near-loss of Leigh library, for instance, would have had Lib Dem fingerprints all over it.

If you don’t want the Tories don’t vote for the party that put them into power.


One Response to This time it’s the Liberal Democrats in Leigh who are no respecter of the rules

  1. greyhound smith says:

    Excellent point. Hopefully Lib Dems will be electorally decimated. Some people were foolish ( in 2010) to think they might rein the Tories in a bit. Naive. They ( Lib Dems) haven’t tasted power since the 20s. Desperate and hungry they went along with everything including the savage DWP attacks on poor, unemployed and sick/ disabled. If you want to see the fruits of Lib Dem involvement in government try claiming your rightful state benefits ( used to be called Social Security!) Ordinary, decent people are being treated as quasi- slaves by abusive DWP staff.
    Praying for Labour victory. Especially those us who are seriously demoralized.

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