In some ways we are into the unthinking phase of the election cycle. Months of preparation, of clearly described arguments, are supposed to bear fruit as we smoothly transition towards political nirvana. The starting gun has been fired and we all leap into …. filling out forms.

Every candidate has a number of forms that must be completed. These are not especially onerous, but do require care – a late or badly completed form can undo a whole campaign.

We also get the deluge of paper from our printers, and work out just what that means in terms of letterboxes visited per day. The numbers can be off-putting.

Weeks of dry weekends, and then as we must have good weather – rain.

A mountain of paper meaning fewer chances for doorstep engagement. Curses.

Trying to figure out what you opposition is doing. Sometimes you campaign in the metaphorical dark – not aware that your opponents are doing much, if anything. Wondering, too, whether anything you do will make any difference as your efforts are swamped by national news stories.

If, like me, you churn material at a regular rate you do sometime pause and reflect as to who actually reads it. Certainly news editors largely provide a wall of silence. Thanks goodness for the internet.

No matter how many times you re-read your copy, and ask others to do likewise, errors slip through. I have been particularly irked by some silly typos in my leaflets recently. Perhaps this is karma for all the times I have highlighted similar amongst my opponents’ material.


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