Blenheim Park ward Labour Voice Election Special



2 Responses to Blenheim Park ward Labour Voice Election Special

  1. Crikey, if we weren’t in an election campaign I’d consider that first paragraph almost libellous against me! Still as we are, I’ll just have a laugh at the need to run such a negative campaign. Perhaps when I read the second side of the leaflet I’ll find out what Matthew actually plans to do? Or even what the person who wants to be MP will do for Southend?

    I have supported the sensible regeneration of Albany Laundry, stopped greedy developers on the London Road x3, tried to stop developers getting out of S106 (affordable housing payments) etc etc.

    Not turning up to meetings?? Hmm, I struggle to think of a Full Council meeting I haven’t attended in the past 4 years, scrutiny or other council meeting. I have sparred enough times with the author of this blog to have had to be present a fair bit! 🙂 My attendance at Active Southend has been poor, but not sure that quite constitutes neglect of my duties, having been kept fully up to speed by the relevant portfolio holder for whilst the Conservatives were in Administration.

    Having a politically ambitious representative (not sure joining the Cabinet in Southend counts as full on ambition to be honest!) is actually beneficial to those I represent – I know how to get things done e.g. 12 angry men style to get a lollipop (wo)man installed at Darlinghurst school.

    Still perhaps Matthew didn’t mean me… although I’m the only one up for re-election out of the three Blenheim Park councillors…

  2. Steve Aylen says:

    jump on the band wagon Courtnay is trying to grandstand agian.
    I wonder what type of piano was used to come up with this.

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