Prittlewell Focus Spring 2015

Prittlewell FocusPrittlewell ward is currently represented by three councillors from different parties. We have an Independent, a Liberal Democrat, and someone from UKIP. It is the Independent who is up for re-election, except that Cllr Ric Morgan has decided that enough is enough.

To the best of my knowledge there is no putative Independent replacement, and this will be a gain for someone.

Labour’s Tony Borton is very busy on the campaign trail. There is also a Conservative candidate, and the UKIP candidate has made a fleeting appearance.

A late entrant into the fray is Colin Davis, Liberal Democrat. He stood in Milton in 2012 (against me) and played no real role in the contest then. It remains to be seen whether Mr Davis MBE can find the time to trample the highways and byways of Prittlewell during the next six weeks.

Ric Morgan was a Liberal Democrat when elected in 2011 (he subsequently left that party to join the Liberal Party). Anything but a Lib Dem win this time would technically be a loss for that party. I find it hard to imagine anything but defeat for them here, and it is hoped that all those who previously voted Lib Dem will switch to Labour – a party genuinely opposed to the Conservatives.


One Response to Prittlewell Focus Spring 2015

  1. Steve Aylen says:

    The independants have an excellent candidate for prittlewll who lives local

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