Castle Point local election Labour candidates

Joe Cooke

Joe Cooke

Some very familiar names here, some old friends too. Here are the Labour candidates for the Borough elections to be held in Castle Point on May 7th.

The Labour record in Castle Point has been very up-and-down in recent years. From 1997 to 2001 we had the MP, and the nineties also saw a Labour administration in the council chamber.

Since we have struggled somewhat, but I am confident that this Joe Cooke led team will begin the fight back this year.

Appleton Roy English
Boyce Tony Wright
Canvey Island Central Sonia Mutch
Canvey Island East Jackie Reilly
Canvey Island North Matt Reilly
Canvey Island South John Payne
Canvey Island West Bill Deal
Canvey Island Wintergardens Maggie Curtis
Cedar Hall Bernie Thorne
St George’s Joe Cooke
St James’ Dina Mehdi
St Mary’s Brian Wilson
St Peter’s Bill Emberson
Victoria Fred West

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