Liz Day

Whilst I would normally rejoice at the resignation of a Conservative councillor, I do not when this is forced on them through ill health. I wish Liz Day all the best in her tough battle in the coming months.

The day after the local elections in 2012 I went to Southend-on-Sea’s Civic Centre to officially become a councillor. There are forms that have to be completed.

On entering I spotted another councillor, Liz Day having been re-elected in West Shoebury. She was cheery and welcoming, I mentioned that she shared her name with one of my wife’s aunts.

There has been little interaction since, not least because her ill health has seen some absences. When she has been present Liz contributes to the debate – and sometimes I have even agreed with her.

Tony Cox reports her departure here, and I leave it to others to speculate as to who is the likely second Conservative candidate in West Shoebury.

As this news has only just been announced Labour does not yet have a second candidate for this ward.


One Response to Liz Day

  1. Update:

    Tony Cox is the second Conservative candidate in West Shoebury.

    Matt Zarb-Cousin is the second Labour candidate.

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