A reminder of promises made, and promises broken

• They promised to scrap tuition fees and then trebled them.
• They promised not to increase VAT, warned against a “Tory VAT bombshell”, but then voted through a VAT rise on everyday working families.
• They promised a fair tax system with the wealthiest paying more, but they cut taxes for millionaires while most families are worse off.
• They promised to be on the side of working people, but working people are £1,600 a year worse off since the Liberal Democrats joined the Conservatives in government.
• Nick Clegg backed the Conservatives in taking the NHS backwards. Thanks to them it is harder to see your GP, waiting lists are going up and £3 billion was been wasted on top-down reorganisation of the NHS. The Conservatives could not have done it without the Liberal Democrats.
• They have supported David Cameron in failing to stand up to the energy companies, instead of backing an energy freeze for hardworking families who have seen their bills go up by over £300 a year.
• Nick Clegg backed Michael Gove and allowed schools to recruit unqualified teachers, putting school standards at risk.
• Nick Clegg promised to protect Sure Start, yet in government the Liberal Democrats have backed cuts to Sure Start, with a £1.4 billion cut in the Early Intervention Grant. As a result there are now 628 fewer children’s centres than in May 2010.
• The Liberal Democrat manifesto promised a Mansion Tax, and yet they voted with the Conservatives, against Labour’s motion for a mansion tax in the House of Commons.


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