There’s saying you know, and there’s actually knowing

I guess there are several examples of literature straying out of the ward or constituency it was intended for, but tonight I found a candidate whose leaflets have gone out in THREE wards.

Richard “Blenheim man” Herbert is also Belfairs and Prittlewell man it would appear, judging by where his Blenheim Focus laughter sheet is being delivered.

It could be that he is standing in all three wards – perfectly allowable in electoral law, although should he be successful in more than one place he will have to explain why he has lumbered hard-pressed tax-payers with a costly by-election.

I suspect, though, that he is only standing in two places (his commitment to Blenheim Park being so strong that not only does he fail to get the ward name right, but he is also standing in the Leigh Town Council elections for a different ward). His delivery team really ought to acquainted themselves with where the ward boundaries are.

I cannot recall ever having a resident so delighted with my delivering a leaflet that they gave me a campaign donation on the spot. That’s another score for party funds. “It’s Julian” they exclaimed, before pumping my hand. That’s one vote then.

There are still a lot of people yet to decide how they are voting. However, in the areas I have been it will be a remarkable turnaround if either the Liberal Democrats or the Greens score significantly. It could happen, but it really seems unlikely. I do detect a slight movement towards the Tories, which mirrors what the national opinion polls are showing. I still think it is very tight and anything could happen. I expect we shall see the odd shock, possibly in my neck of the woods.


3 Responses to There’s saying you know, and there’s actually knowing

  1. neil taylor says:

    Perhaps when/if the aforementioned chap gets elected onto leigh town council he could explain the substantial increase in my council tax demand….an increase of over 17% leigh council demand.
    Regards and keep fighting
    Neil Taylor
    unite the union delegate

  2. Stephen Mckiernan says:

    Well he wont win in Belfairs that’s my ward !!

  3. Steve Aylen says:

    its interesting that on the doorstep in leigh town council areas the number who would like the leigh town council scrapped or at minimum a chance to vote on to keep it or not.
    this is even leigh town councillors asking for this

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