Down, down, deeper and down – indigent thinking in Rayleigh and Wickford

A grinning Mark Francois is presumably delighted that his Government is solving economic woes by targeting the most vulnerable and poorest people. Reforming welfare does nothing to make work pay – but one could not strengthen workers’ rights, or insist that employers pay a decent wage, could one?

The undeserving poor need to be cajoled by penury to find work – and to subsist on minimum wages whilst enduring the uncertainty of zero-hour contracts once employment has been found.

And what of the gap between the numbers jobless and the numbers of jobs vacant? It is surely a sign of indolence. No jobs? You are not trying hard enough.

Whilst The Right Honourable is able to beat the poor, his own inflation-busting pay-rise is just reward.

As for the bankers? You can keep your bonuses, unmolested by the irritation of tax, you deserve it.

Whilst not for a moment do I doubt the welfare needs overhauling, it needs to be handled with care so that it works for all that need it.


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