Traffic and barking

Cllr James Courtenay is very wrong on a number of issues. I would never vote for him, and have engaged in a number of verbal jousts over the last few years. I hope that I have not been personal, for despite his Conservatism James is a very likeable chap.

For some reason or another, though, he has been abused by a number of councillors, most notably from the Independent Group. This is quite unwarranted. Last night Cllr Martin Terry, chairing the Traffic and Parking Working Party, decided to abuse James by describing him as a “redneck”. James was affronted, and I am not surprised. James showed remarkable poise by remaining in his seat – I am not sure I would not have walked out.

Cllr Martin Terry is one of my partners in the Joint Administration, and I am pleased to back him in decisions made by the Joint Administration (although he has an alarming tendency to make policy up on the hoof on occasion). I am not going to applaud his rudeness though. I hope he sees fit to apologise soon.

I sat through three, occasionally surreal, hours of T&P before getting to the item I was really interested in. I am pleased to be able to report success, and I thank Cllr Jonathan Garston for his support (despite almost messing it up with a last minute suggested amendment, fortunately squashed by his colleague, Cllr Jarvis).

We will now, at some indeterminate point in the future, have a one-hour evening restriction in three roads near the Cliffs Pavilion when permit parking only will be in force. This is designed to deter patrons of the Cliffs Pavilion from clogging up residential streets when there is ample car parking nearby. Success!


One Response to Traffic and barking

  1. You know there is a line Julian and have not, when speaking to/about me at least, crossed it. I hope I have also done the same.

    I think it is quite sad some councillors seem unable to robustly debate the future of our town without resorting to personal and abusive insults. For these councillors to be in the Cabinet or the Leader of the Council really does worry me.

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