Campaigning for peace and nuclear disarmament within the Labour Party

Scroll down this page (Labour PPCs say Scrap Trident) and you will find my comments about trident.

Actually, not all the Prospective Parliamentary Candidates are calling for Trident go be scrapped, but at least all of them are questioning the merit of spending an outrageous sum of money on something that will never be used, replacing something that was never used.

What I wrote:

To spend millions replacing something we have not used with something that we will never use looks like folly, and this is why we must look again at the wisdom of replacing Trident. In these times of austerity we really cannot afford to waste tax-payer money. Whilst accepting the need for the UK to be able to adequately defend itself we should be working towards a world that is free from weapons of mass destruction, especially nuclear weapons. I am concerned for my children and grandchild, and I wish for a more peaceful world. I support a global ban on such weapons as part of our commitment to nuclear disarmament, as was successful with other weapons of mass destruction such as chemical and biological weapons. Whilst we may never live in a world that is entirely free from conflict, we can hope for a world where mutually assured destruction is no longer a possibility.



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