Jes on why she is standing

1601120_611664038913337_1732041_n-001I recently asked Jes Phillips why she was standing as the Labour candidate in St Luke’s, and her response is here:

As for why I’m standing… I live locally to St Luke’s so a lot of the issues affecting residents in that area either affect me and my family or could in the future. The only way I know to protect the services (St Luke’s medical and Temple Sutton children’s centre) that we use is to stand up and fight for them. For me that is standing as a representative of local residents, as a Councillor.

It will also provide me with a platform to work in areas that really matter to me, such as helping protect young people from Tory scapegoating. Making those aged 18-21 work 30 hours a week to claim benefits, and not allowing them to access housing benefit makes me angry as I was in that position at when aged nineteen.

I choose to live in Southend. I was not born here but it’s now my home and I want to do everything I can to make it a fantastic place to live. Especially as it’s where my son will grow up, go to school etc.


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