On animal welfare – six Labour pledges

One of the many political strands I have pursued over the years is animal rights. I am a member of the Labour Animal Welfare Society, and I have been pleased to support a number of other campaigning organisations, including the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

For an example see this – https://warelane.wordpress.com/2014/10/02/southend-west-candidate-supports-campaign-to-end-wildlife-crime/

I am pleased that Ed Miliband (Leader of the Labour Party) and Maria Eagle (Shadow Secretary of State for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) have made six pledges under the heading – Labour: Protecting Animals.

These pledges are

• Defend the Hunting ban
• Ban the use of wild animals in circuses
• End the Government’s ineffective and inhumane badger culls
• Improve the protection of dogs and cats
• Tackle wildlife crime and reduce animal cruelty on shooting estates
• Lead the fight against global animal cruelty

The last Labour Government achieved much to end the cruel and unnecessary suffering of animals: the banning of hunting with dogs, securing an end to cosmetic testing on animals, banning fur farming, and introducing the Animal Welfare Act 2006.

This is a legacy I am proud of, and I believe that only a Labour Government can be trusted on animal welfare issues.


One Response to On animal welfare – six Labour pledges

  1. Alan Grubb says:


    I agree with your intentions but i feel that with regard to circuses, this should also include, wild animals which are bread in captivity,. This way there will be no doubt in the future.

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