At last, the Liberal Democrats turn up in Blenheim Park

BlenheimFocusPoor Cllr Mary Betson, snubbed by her colleagues. You see Cllr Richard Herbert was “invited by Cllr Graham Longley to join him in Blenheim. Having discussed it with other LibDem councillors like Alan Crystall, Peter Wexham and Carole Mulroney Richard decided it was the right thing to do.

No mention of ward members in Blenheim Park (yes, the proper name of the ward is Blenheim Park), which either suggests that things have got so bad that they have no ward members left, or that they have been bypassed on this occasion. A selection process that involves casual conversations with all but one of the Borough Council Group is an odd thing, to be sure. It is a desperate measure by a desperate party.

In another reference to a non-existent ward is this: “Cllr Graham Longley introduces Cllr Richard Herbert to Blenheim Ward“. This is followed by: “Richards knows the area well“. So well that he has to be “introduced“!

The whole leaflet is rather poor. The same picture of Cllr Herbert is used four times. The Lib Dems moan about the waste contract renewal – a subject that their sole speaker at the recent Full Council Budget debate avoided mentioning.

According to his website Cllr Herbert is contesting two elections in May, in two different places – so much for his commitment to Blenheim Park ward. He represents Leigh Road Ward on Leigh Town Council, and there is no overlap between this ward and Blenheim Park.

So, the Liberal Democrats have turned up, at last, in Blenheim Park ward. But do not be fooled into thinking that there is any real commitment here.


One Response to At last, the Liberal Democrats turn up in Blenheim Park

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Barrells are being scraped

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