On cloudy expectations

007In 2008 and 2010 the Conservatives won in Kursaal ward. If there had been an election in 2009 it would be safe to assume that they would have got that seat too. There wasn’t, and so their zenith here was to have two out of the three seats available.

Those two victories were attained against the backdrop of an unpopular Gordon Brown Government. The majorities were slim (seven votes in 2008, and 24 votes in 2010). This year the electoral weather is a lot more favourable for Labour, and we are back to two seats in this ward following victories in 2011 and 2012.

Alex Bright is fighting a lost cause here. Of course he will argue that anything could happen, and he would be right. But the Tories will struggle to hold onto all that they are defending this year, and a gain in Kursaal really does look a distance prospect for them.


2 Responses to On cloudy expectations

  1. Rob Brown says:

    If they had a chance they wouldn’t have picked Alex Bright that is for certain.

  2. They’ve clearly given up any hope of winning Kursaal. Which is remarkable, considering in April 2012 they held two out of the three seats.

    It shows just how far the blue tide has receded in Southend.

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