Belfairs Record – almost there

Belfairs_recordI do not know whether ‘In Touch’ has been permanently abandoned in favour of ‘ Record’ or not, but this is Cllr Lesley Salter’s latest offering; a second leaflet in quick succession that once again fails to mention her fellow Conservative ward councillor. Now you know why the Tories do not call each other ‘comrade’.

I am pleased that Southend’s Conservatives are complaining about the cuts, and I hope their two representatives in the House of Commons are equally vocal. The Conservative-led Government has an agenda with regard to local government, an agenda that is all about starving it of money. This has one consequence , and this is the shrivelling of local services.

So I say a big thank you to Cllr Salter for highlighting the disastrous cuts that are being forced on our local authority.

We live in miserable times. Misery is raining down on all who cherish local services. If Lesley wants to join my campaign to rid us all of a Government intent on destroying these services she would be most welcome. She should, of course, step aside for Dave Alston, the Labour candidate in Belfairs ward. It is only Labour who can wrest control of the country from Cameron’s clutches.

It is not all good news on this leaflet though. Cllr Salter, quietly ignoring her oft repeated wish to see our care homes closed, claims that “only … the local Conservatives will continue to support hard pressed local residents“. Aside from the over-worked adjective ‘local’, this statement rather flies in the face of reality. Her spendthrift administration were apparently unconcerned about local residents (do we have non-local residents?) who objected to shared spaces or unsightly and expensive flood defences. Over-priced and under-used kiosks, unfit art objects, and ill-suited clocks also adorn a list that could be headed ‘things the Tories in Southend wasted tax-payers money on’.

She moans about pier charges – did she moan last year when her administration shut the pier for two days of the week? You can guess the answer to that one.

Come on Lesley, use your brain and think on who is really responsible for the cuts. You are half-way there, just a little further to go.


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