UKIP and the budget vote

There are fifty-one councillors representing the seventeen wards that make up the Borough of Southend-on-Sea.

Forty-seven councillors voted in last week’s budget vote; and the budget was carried by a majority of thirteen.

Only three of the UKIP group could be bothered to vote. To claim that they enabled the budget to be passed is a nonsense; the Joint Administration had a majority without them.

In my opinion the UKIP members are a combination of misguided and inept. I find their presence in our council chamber unwelcome. I really do not care whether they back us or not.


7 Responses to UKIP and the budget vote

  1. James Moyies says:

    Very democratic. Thankfully it is the electorate that decides who is in the chamber . And I am happy that most of the proposals WE put in our leaflets are coming to fruition.

    I guess you are much happier being in a position of cutting, cutting and cutting again and then going off to chair a Southend Against the Cuts meeting to assuage your guilt.

    Happy to debate you anywhere at any time….oh wait you have banned UKIP supporters from your meetings. Frit?

  2. I do not chair the Southend Against The Cuts meetings – I am their treasurer. And, you know that I argued for your inclusion in their hustings.

    Of course, I am presuming ‘we’ means UKIP – despite your suspension.

  3. Rob Brown says:

    The electorate decided you should be in the chamber James (God knows why). But it appears that your compatriots are falling short of the mark in that regard.

    Is it true that Davies was on a jolly in South Africa during the budget debate?

  4. Tony Cox says:

    Isn’t this debate academic as Ukip supported the budget including the rise in Council Tax, rise in Car Parking Charges, the axing of Litter Bins and Textiles Recycling Sacks to name just a few items.

  5. Which also included an axe of 11M of funding from Tory/LibDem Central Government

  6. Tony Cox says:

    paulryderblog, we are only seeing a reduction in public spending due to the last Labour Government leaving the country on the verge of bankrupcy. Still, Ukip did not have to vote for these particular cuts there was an alternative. Better still, the Ukip councillors could have called a temporary truce to their infighting and produced their own alternative budget.

  7. Rob Brown says:

    This last Labour government gets weaker every day. You promised a balanced budget and you couldn’t do it because of international forces. Governments can only tinker at the margins of the world economy. To blame any politician for the global financial crisis is clearly ludicrous.

    I don’t remember you using the reserves in previous years to save vital services. Why the sudden decision to dip into them now? Might it be because you are in opposition and you know you don’t actually have to do it.

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