Meg, are your pants on fire?

DavidsonleafletAm I surprised that the local Tories are spreading misinformation? Well, yes actually.

So desperate has their campaigning got that they have resorted to some … how shall I put it … imaginative descriptions of how the Joint Administration is behaving. I thought they would have some regard for the truth.

This is something being put out by Prittlewell Conservative candidate, Meg Davidson. It is not all untrue, but a couple of things are.

Retaining weekly rubbish collections” – these are not under threat. In fact, the only time I have ever heard discussed the possibility of fortnightly collections was under the previous administration – in a meeting chaired by a Conservative councillor. Suggesting weekly collections are to be stopped can only be described as scurrilous.

Opposing plans by the Council’s Labour/Lib Dem/Independent administration to close public toilets and withdraw litter bins from Southend’s streets.” The budget vote is tonight, so nothing has yet been decided. However, the toilets are not now being closed, and only a fraction of the bins are being removed. Again, deliberate misinformation.

Meg lives in Prittlewell so knows the area and understands the local issues.” More accurately, Meg is new to the area, and knows the ward far less well than Labour’s Tony Borton, our candidate for this May.


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