Eight Steps

My attention has been drawn to the National Union of Teachers’s Eight Steps. These are:

• Reform accountability so it is based on trust
• Introduce fundamental change to requirements relating to marking, planning, data, meetings and observations
• Allow time for curriculum and SEN reform
• Reform the teacher pay system
• Require schools to adopt a binding work-life balance policy
• Measure workload every year
• Set targets to reduce workload and introduce limits
• Increase teacher numbers to improve education

The key to a truly egalitarian society is education, and if we are ever to give everyone a level playing field at the start of their lives then we have to have an education system that works for everyone. Unfortunately, we have an education system that works very well for a minority, and is struggling for everyone else. For a good example see my own borough.

It is not just about the types of school, and their funding, it is also about supporting the educators. Overworked teachers are not effective teachers, neither are demoralised ones.


One Response to Eight Steps

  1. Rob Brown says:

    Look at the workload focus. More of a priority than pay at the moment that says something.

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