Space for Cycling – your councillors’ views

Clicking on the above link, and then on the relevant part of the map relating to Southend-on-Sea one is presented with the following information:

In Southend-on-Sea there are 125,007 people in employment, of whom 2,323 cycle to work (2.86%)

A total of 48 letters have been sent to councillors in Southend-on-Sea.

One councillor has signed up. They are:
Cllr Julian Ware-Lane (Labour)

2% of the 51 councillors in Southend-on-Sea have signed up.

To see a list of all the councillors who have signed up across Great Britain, and what they’ve said, please see here.

If you’ve not already written to your councillors, please do so at

The latest pictiure of who has signed up, by affiliation, shows

318 Labour
150 Liberal Democrat
100 Conservative
76 Green
19 SNP
47 others


One Response to Space for Cycling – your councillors’ views

  1. I cycle to work on the Boris/Barclays bike every day I’m in London – bar torrential downpour… does 5hat count?

    I’m not quite fit enough to cycle the c.100mile round trip!

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