If Matt Dent was to do a Monnery, and reduce the Labour vote to a third of what it was in Blenheim Park last year, then Neil may be right, he might be talking absolute bollocks. You see, magnificent Monnery as he is known in Westborough ward obviously followed his own advice in 2012, because his derisory vote must have been the result of doing nothing until the very last moment.

Neil’s yellow-tinted take on things really is blind to the reality in Southend-on-Sea of a Liberal Democrat party very much in retreat. Whilst a turnaround is possible at some point, it is very unlikely that a late Lib Dem surge will be seen on May 7th.

One of the by-products of being a regular pavement pounder is that you get a sense of what is going on. I admit we are not everywhere all of the time, and our political noses are not perfect. But you get a sense.

We know that Labour has been working all year. We know that UKIP started last summer, and stuttered very quickly. We know the Greens are out leafleting. We know the Tories are getting into gear. We also know that the Lib Dems have done nothing.

Please correct me, Neil, if I am wrong. Send me the leaflets your party has been putting out. Show me the press articles, give me a flavour of what you are doing on the ground.

The reality is that in terms of actually doing any work with residents it is a two-horse race. The Tories are well organised, and I hope we go some way in matching them.

I am humble enough to admit I am wrong when I am wrong. Show me some evidence, Neil, show me that Matt Dent is writing absolute bollocks.



  1. neilmonnery says:

    We shall see won’t we Julian. If when the election is called and Labour and the Conservative’s are the only two parties on the ballot paper in Blenheim Park then he is spot on and I’ll retract my comments and give him a public apology. If indeed other parties have a candidate then his comments will be confirmed as absolute bollocks.

    Nice to know you are as classy at Matt though using the fact I didn’t campaign in Westborough in 2012 because my dad suffered a stroke and subsequently died as a reason to take shots at me. All class Julian. All class…

    I have never stated the Lib Dems locally are in a great position. It is tough politically for the party but to state that we won’t be putting up a candidate in BP is inaccurate and bollocks.

  2. Of course I have sympathy for the loss of a parent – I have gone through the loss of both my natural parents and a step-father. However, this does not knock you out politically for a year, and your party could always have re-selected someone else.

    I think Disraeli’s maxim applies here.

    Describing Blenheim Park as a two-horse race is stating that only two contenders have any real and realistic ambitions for the ward. A last minute candidate who has done nothing is clearly not a serious challenger. I expect five or six on the ballot paper eventually, but only James and Matt have bothered to treat the electorate with the respect they deserve here.

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