Rayleigh and Wickford UKIP leaflet

Hayter1Rayleigh and Wickford constituency is the successor to Rayleigh, where I cut my Parliamentary teeth in 2005. It is a very familiar place, and one that is home to family and friends.

This will be John Hayter’s second attempt at convincing Rayleigh and Wickford voters to back him. In 2010 he stood for the English Democrats; another right-winger casting around for a flag of convenience. UKIP was not that in 2010 – his opponents included a UKIP candidate then.

His election leaflet reads like a parody – no immigrants, no travellers, no houses. It is wrong on so many levels.

UKIP almost appear to want to turn the clock back, although conveniently ignoring a British past that was outward looking on the world.

Whilst our corner of Essex does seem overcrowded, it is the proximity to London and Europe that has encouraged this. I am not sure that putting a stop to house building will attract voters whose growing children face the prospect of unaffordable housing. House prices are a feature of basic supply and demand economics.

Tackling crime and terrorism require international cooperation, and leaving the EU will not make this battle any easier for the UK. I am not sure whether Michelins Farm is an appropriate place for the travelling community, but they have got to be able to set up camp somewhere; everyone saying ‘not here’ is unworkable and unfair.

As for governing by referenda – I find this an idea that leads to nothing ever getting done. It is also an expensive way to run a democracy, buck-passing by a voter-hungry candidate who is not prepared to take tough decisions. Developments will always upset someone, but developments must be allowed.


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