There will be a new councillor in Prittlewell

A very reliable source tells me that we have our second casualty of the local elections in Southend-on-Sea, without a ballot paper yet to be cast.

It has long been known that Conservative councillor Adam Jones is not seeking re-election in St Laurence.

I have now heard the Independent Group member Ric Morgan will not be standing in Prittlewell this year. I believe that there is no Independent Group replacement for him at the moment, although with a tad under three months to go that could change.

Prittlewell ward is spilt three-ways in its representation at the end the moment, and this year’s contest is going to be fascinating. With Ric going it really is up for grabs.

Ric was elected as a Liberal Democrat four years ago. To the best of my knowledge the Liberal Democrats have not selected a candidate for Prittlewell as yet.


5 Responses to There will be a new councillor in Prittlewell

  1. neilmonnery says:

    The Lib Dem candidate for Prittlewell is in place. It is up to him/her to decide how they want to be announced.

  2. Thanks for the update.

  3. Sometime before May 7th would probably be advantageous for him/her.

  4. Perhaps it is a guilty secret.

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