Southend’s litter bins that are earmarked for the chop

Here is the list of bins that may be removed (see previous post).


Arterial Road: Fairway – Boundary 1 Belfairs
Flemming Avenue 1 Belfairs
The Fairway – near junction Eastwood Old Road 1 Belfairs
Crowstone Road 1 Chalkwell
Edwards Hall Park (top of Bosworth Ave) 1 Eastwood Park
Green Lane (adj 254) 1 Eastwood Park
Ash Walk 1 Kursaal
Lancaster Gardens 1 Kursaal
St Leonards Road 1 Kursaal
Lucy Road 3 Milton
Park Road 1 Milton
Park Street 1 Milton
Seaforth Road 1 Milton
Carlingford Drive 1 Prittlewell
Hobleythick Lane 1 Prittlewell
West Street 2 Prittlewell/Victoria
Eagle Way 2 Shoeburyness
Frobisher Way footpath to Friars Park 2 Shoeburyness
Gunners Road 1 Shoeburyness
Mallards 1 Shoeburyness
Warrior Square Road 1 Shoeburyness
Shoebury Road 1 Southchurch
Trinity Road 1 Southchurch
Whittingham Avenue 1 Southchurch
Rochford Road 2 St Laurence
St Laurence Way (Eastwoodbury Lane) 4 St Laurence
Western Approaches 1 St Laurence
Pantile Avenue 1 St Luke’s
Royston Avenue 1 St Luke’s
Wentworth Road 1 St Luke’s
Church Road 1 Thorpe
St Augustines Avenue (Church) 1 Thorpe
Thorpe Hall Avenue 3 Thorpe
North Road 3 Victoria
Short Street 1 Victoria
Fairview Gardens 2 West Leigh
Highlands Boulevard 1 West Leigh
Lime Avenue 1 West Leigh
Sutherland Boulevard 1 West Leigh
Chelmer Way 1 West Shoebury
Waterford Road 1 West Shoebury

Blenheim Park, Leigh and Westborough are not losing any bins.


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