Are we sailing a leaky boat?

At 11.12am this morning I got this email:

Dear Councillor

Further to the discussions relating to the draft General Fund Revenue Budget, at the meeting of the Place Scrutiny Committee on Monday 26th January 2015, please find attached a list of the litter bins proposed for removal as part of the budget savings 2015/16 to deliver £20,000 as requested.

There are 648 litter bins across the Borough, only 56 would be removed, meaning that 592 would still remain. These bins are under-utilised and unfortunately attract other problems ( vandalism/ fly tipping). The savings are associated with Cory not visiting the locations ( travel and cost of Cory vehicle going around).

This from a senior council officer. The email included a spreadsheet (with errors) that detailed those bins that were to be culled – and this includes eleven in the Thorpe/Shoeburyness area.

Late last night Tony Cox tweeted this:

Tony Cox @shoeburyblogger
Breaking news: 11 litter bins to be culled in Shoebury as part of Labour/Lib Dem/Independent Party administration cuts in Southend.

This tweet was issued something like twelve hours before the email was sent. I have no idea as to how long Tony had had the information.

This does make me wonder whether it is accepted practice to leak to the local Conservative Party in advance of telling elected members.

I think this sort of information should be in the public domain – I am just somewhat puzzled as to how it got there.

(Tony Cox is a former West Shoebury Conservative councillor and a senior member of the former Conservative administration. He is also Chair of Rochford and Southend East Conservative Association.)


2 Responses to Are we sailing a leaky boat?

  1. Tony Cox says:

    Well, you know what they say Julian, you are either in front of me or behind me!

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