Conservative victory? Pah! It is a Labour one

The budget for the coming year in Southend-on-Sea is still being debated. I anticipate that we will see an alternative tabled by the opposition Conservatives – I am less sure that UKIP will offer the same, but could be surprised.

At the moment we have a draft budget and the final offering from the Joint Administration will reflect debates both in Scrutiny and Cabinet.

It looks like the proposed closure of toilets will be reversed, and the local Tories are claiming this as a victory. For examples see Conservatives force about turn on toilet closures and Loodicrous proposals scrapped by Rainbow Administration as they listen to the Conservative led opposition. At the risk of adding another dreadful pun to those already inflicted on us, I am going to pan those claims.

There are a number of reasons that I blog. One is that no-one can accuse me of saying different things to suit different occasions. This commitment to putting on record what I am saying makes me more accountable than most in the borough. It also allows me to back up my claims with evidence – although I admit to bias. However, this ability to commit to an enduring and public record is not my exclusive preserve.

I can say, with no contradiction (thus far at least) that this, so-called, victory for Conservative activism is nothing of the sort. See this – More on Place, and People scrutiny.

This report is no rose-tinted retrospective, it is a first-hand account written in the same week as the meetings. I quote from this posting:

I asked for the following cuts to be reversed:
PL2 Delete doorstep textiles recycling collection
PL4 Reduce number of toilets at East Beach
PL29 Rationalise public toilets

Thus, it was me, and only me, that has formally requested the reversal of the toilet closures, and therefore this victory, U-turn, call it what you will, is mine. Now, other voices added to the debate, from all quarters. I acknowledge them – even the Tory voices. I am not claiming exclusivity; however, if it is a Conservative victory then it is also a Labour victory.

The toilets are saved, saved by my ability to make reasoned and cogent argument . These toilets were threatened because of Conservative-led Government cuts.

The real headline should be:

Labour saves toilets from Tory cuts


3 Responses to Conservative victory? Pah! It is a Labour one

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  2. Tony Cox says:

    Julian, whilst I applaud you in your efforts by joining the Conservative led opposition to the toilet closures, don’t forget, Labour are part of the Administration which endorsed these closures initially.

  3. I tend to view that in reverse: as you Tories jumping on my bandwagon.

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