I SOSinBLOOMam a keen gardener. Honest. I am. Keen, and useless. I get distracted by watching ants, or bumble bees. I like a natural look, which probably means I have too little time, or ingenuity, to really design a garden. An enthusiast, a useless enthusiast.

This came through the post this morning. At first I thought SBC had developed a sense of humour. Oliver, my younger brother, would laugh – he taught horticulture for quite a few years. I have to ask him what the plants in my garden are, for even though I planted a lot of them I cannot recall their names. Ollie usually rattles off their Latin names before giving me it in English.

I entered Southend in Bloom a few years ago, largely because it was run by a lady in MiIton ward and I felt I would be supportive. I did not think I would win, in fact I did not want to win – councillor wins council award always sounds dodgy.

I liken it to when my road was first re-surfaced, and then it was one of the first to get the new LED street lights. These were nothing to do with me. I resolutely refuse to push for anything for my street or the ward I live in. I am pretty sure that some of my friends do not believe me in this regard, but it is the truth.

Now this. I wonder if they confused my attempt at a cottage garden with some of the truly lovely gardens in the town. Perhaps mine was their only entry.

I cannot say I am pleased; no-one who knows me at all well will believe I have somehow created a gardening masterpiece. I am not displeased though – just disbelieving.

This is going to cause some merriment.


3 Responses to Erm

  1. “Residential Front Garden”? Perhaps your Front Garden is the only one with anyone “in residence”. The question is who is living amongst the geraniums?

    I see that Southend-on-sea has outsourced certificate presentation to Royal Mail – and they just put it through your letter box! No ceremony, no word of congratulations? Typical outsourcing!

  2. Perhaps it was the vibrant crop of “Vote Labour” boards you grow there?

  3. It’s called cultivating the vote?

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