Brought to you by Belfairs Conservatives ……

BelfairsInTouchBelfairsInTouch2It is curious beast, the latest leaflet being distributed by Belfairs Conservatives. Entirely focussed on one issue, there is not one mention of either Cllr Mo Butler (the other Conservative in Belfairs ward) or David Amess MP.

Lesley is up for re-election, and so a leaflet promoting her is to be expected; yet this is not really that. I would still expect Mo to get a mention, and Sir David is also up for re-election.

Not one mention of what Lesley has done, or wants to do in the next four years (if successful in May).

She does acknowledge the work of the Council, which I will take as a plug for the Joint Administration.

It is a curious beast. One could argue that Cllr Salter has not mentioned her achievements because achievements there are none. One could argue that Cllr Salter has not mentioned one promise for the future as she is devoid of ideas.

Or one could mark this down as a feeble effort from Belfairs Conservatives. If Lesley remains in the chamber beyond May’s elections it will not be because of this piece of paper.


10 Responses to Brought to you by Belfairs Conservatives ……

  1. Steve Aylen says:

    Talk about jump on the bandwagon.
    Mrs Salter its doudtful even if she knows were this flooding actually is.
    Also this appears to confirm the local rumours that Cllr Butler has been asked to leave the conservatives.

  2. What has Mo done? Or is that the reason; doing nothing?

  3. Stephen Mckiernan says:

    When i win in May,will that mean we will have 3 Independent Councilors in Belfairs ?

  4. Do stop trying to scaremonger Steve!

    Sadly (?) UKIP have a better chance in May in coming second to Lesley than your Independent Party colleagues!

  5. Steve Aylen says:

    Iwonder what type of piano mr courtenay used to reach his conculsion

  6. Interestingly, that wasn’t a denial from James, about Mo’s rumoured departure from the Conservatives.

  7. Rob Brown says:

    Indeed neither did he deny the seat might be under threat.

    On another note can we get odds on another Tory wipeout in RSE?

  8. In all honesty I find it an unlikely prospect. However, it is possible – and that is a significant change from previous years.

  9. Steve Aylen says:

    At the last election in Belfairs the conservatives started canvassing in November its been estimated that they spent £15 per vote . Steve who stood for the first time without huge money backing him ,a massive canvas team and MP support . Came within a few votes of winning

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