The Conservatives in Southend would throw away £825,000 of YOUR money

southend tories throwing your money away2


14 Responses to The Conservatives in Southend would throw away £825,000 of YOUR money

  1. Alan Grubb says:

    Hi Julian

    With reference to the above, may i ask what are the reasons for the Tory’s opposing the potential savings?

    The information could be added to your next comment.


  2. I think that question should be directed at the Conservatives on Southend-on-Sea Borough Council.

  3. Alan Grubb says:

    Hi Julian

    I am sorry but i must beg to differ, a statement has been made by you, therefore you must be prepared to supply the additional information to give the statement creditability.


  4. He doesn’t know, because no Conservative Councillor has said this.

    He, and others, have taken this and spun it in a way Peter Mandelson would be proud of.

    Still, never let the facts get in the way of a good poster eh Julian?

  5. Does this mean that you will be voting for our budget James?

    Alan – how can I begin to even understand what reasons the Tories have for doing anything? I can only report whether they support us or not.

  6. How is this not libellous? Where have Southend’s Conservatives opposed this? Certainly not at any scrutiny committee meeting, nor on any blog I can see.

    I trust CCHQ gave you permission to use the Party logo?

    Still, better late than never to try and come back at us.

    I trust you’ll be voting for raising council rents on your natural heartland? No-wonder Kursaal Ward went blue and purple with this sort of ‘support’ for them from the Labour Party.

    You’ll find out how I vote on 19th February. You haven’t even put a final budget forward yet – and listening to some of your Administration members they are performing more U-turns than I’ve had hot dinners – all because they are the ‘Listening Administration’. Funny that, they must be a dopey listening Administration, who thought it was a good idea to shut loos to save such a small amount? Oh and the Conservatives take the lead in opposing the closure of the town’s toilets (excluding Thorpe Ward’s gold plated ones), what does your Administration do? It blames the council’s officers. Class.

  7. Libellous? If it is then that would mean much of what we all write is libellous.

    Better late than never? Are you suggesting I am somewhat shy in taking you and your colleagues to task? I confess that accusation is not normally leveled at me.

    So far, though, you lot have criticised our budget, and the waste contract renegotiations.

    Do I take it you subsist on a diet of salads? I see no U-turns, merely process.

    We represent all, not just council tenants. And the rise in rents, whilst regretable, is less under our adminstration than it would have been had your lot not been ejected from power last May.

  8. James, take it from a law graduate, it’s not libelous.

    I’m not sure how you expect people to interpret your branding a saving on the waste collection contract a cut as meaning that you support it. You could have tried to take credit for the savings, had Cllr Flewitt not gone off half-cocked with groundless scare stories of fortnightly collections.

    Now that that’s revealed as never having been on the cards, you’re desperately scrambling around for some excuse to justify your opposition, and cover up that Southend Conservatives are completely out of ideas.

  9. I don’t think I’ll take legal advice about a piece of Labour Party literature from the probable author and Labour Party candidate, thanks all the same.

    You can’t move to fortnightly collections – the last Conservative Administration made sure of that, when we accepted government funding for food waste collections.

    You are normally at the forefront Julian! This was a late poster put together after the can you trust Ron Woodley posters.

    Of course I’ve criticised your budget. Tax up, borrowing up, fees up, services cut. At least you are in the Party that regularly does this… I didn’t realise Ian had been so successful and recruited the Leader though.

  10. jayman says:

    draw a squiggle with a stick at the bottom of it. Use a vibrant blue crayon. draw a low paid worker Living in it… A much better representation of the conservative party without infringing copyright.

  11. James, you were planning to raise council tax by nearly as much, rents by more, and slash even more services than the joint administration is having to. And that was before your party in Westminster decided that Southend needed £11m less.

    Funny how solidly Tory councils like Maidenhead & Windsor and Wokingham got more money…

  12. Tony Cox says:

    Matthew, a Council Tax rise had to be built in as there is never any guarantee of a Council Tax freeze from Central Government. As it was offered we would have taken it to ease the pressure on hard pressed residents It does amaze me that Ed Milliband bangs on about the cost of living crisis yet a Labour Administration, albiet in a coalition, with a parliamentary candidate as Deputy Leader thinks he will get away with campaigning on this issue.

  13. And it is a shame you can’t even get the amount right… more Woodley Maths… it is quoted as £425k this year… not £825k, but £850k in future years… not £825k….

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