Road safety forum

Last night I was slightly late to a Quality of Life Forum hosted by the Milton Community Partnership. My lateness was down to traffic, and the subject of the forum was road safety!

Anyway, an important issue, and one that I am attached to in many ways.

Looking at the accident map that was handed round I was reminded of the RTA I was involved in. At 6.10pm on !4th February 1982 I was riding my motorcycle up Milton Road when a driver committed an act of reckless driving. This caused my left knee-cap to be shattered, resulting in its removal in hospital later that evening. It was not replaced, and I have survived on one knee-cap for nearly 33 years (29 of which I was active, one way or another, in football).

Anyway, notwithstanding my objection to speed humps, I am a campaigner for road safety measures. We have to balance the needs of all road users – motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. However, in terms of vulnerability you would reverse that list of users, which is why 20mph limits near schools, for instance, is such a good idea. (I am still vexed as to why the Council turned down my request for Canewdon Road – I will try again to protect the pupils at St Bernard’s School.)

Southend-on-Sea is slowly developing a network of cycle lanes. When not driving I am more of a walker than cyclist, but I am a fan of cycleways. There is always going to be difficulties in fitting these into a town like Southend-on-Sea, but I think that what has been done so far has worked reasonably well.


One Response to Road safety forum

  1. Anyway, notwithstanding my objection to speed humps

    People who approve speed bumps should be strapped to a stretcher, put in an ambulance and taken for a tour around the area concerned. To simulate the back injury that they might have had, a brick should be put under the small of their back.

    The Scottish borders seem to have a good alternative. At the outskirts of small towns the road slightly narrows at the beginning of the 30mph limit – with gateposts and side fences which makes it feel even narrower.

    See Pathhead – can’t find an example with the side fences – trying to remember where I saw it.

    Even masking the road and making the 30mph limits more prominent (see Lauder) can slow traffic.

    On side roads narrowing to single file is possible – but why councils then think they need to put a speed bump in the middle of the throttle point I don’t know!

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