Raise a glass (of orange juice) to Dry January

As my Dry January comes to an end I can honestly say it has been easy. Easy, and strangely enjoyable.

Because I need to improve my health I am going for a Dry February, and March and April. In fact, I intend to abstain from alcohol until May 8th at the earliest, when I hope to be able to celebrate some Labour successes with a glass of bubbly.

I enjoy drinking, but there is no getting away from the health issues associated with alcohol. I am lucky, I really can take it or leave it; others cannot. However, if giving up is a step too far, then at least some reduction can be managed by all.

So, as bid adieu to January, and its dryness, I look forward to three months more of temperance.


5 Responses to Raise a glass (of orange juice) to Dry January

  1. And how much money have you saved – or have you been ripped off by soft-drink prices?

  2. I honestly do not know what I have saved. I was a regular, but light, imbiber, and most often it was a glass of wine at meal times, or a port in the evening. My trips to pubs are infrequent and the amount saved is likely to be minimal.

  3. Well done Julian. I have managed to stay dry all January as well. Not sure I will carry on into February though but it does show that you can cut down.

  4. I have had just two glasses of wine since November 21st. It is really quite easy. Now if only I could give up sweet things ….

  5. One slice of cheesecake / glass of wine equals how many leaflets?

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