Yet another scheme that looks like it fails actual housing need

redabMy inbox received this piece of advertising, and an email which contained the following:

My company represents Redab which recently acquired the Esplanade Site on the seafront. Redab will soon be applying for planning permission to build new apartments and a restaurant on the site and if approved, will come with a host of energy saving, environment friendly green credentials.

Because there is considerable interest from the media in this scheme we felt that, out of courtesy, you should be aware of what is being proposed before reading about it in the local Echo so I hope you will not mind being contacted directly with this information.

You should also be aware that we are currently talking to Metal about the possibility of using the white wall area of the proposed building for an artwork, should planning permission be granted.

I responded with a simple question: How many of the units will provide low-cost and affordable housing, and how many will be set aside for social housing?

This elicited the following response:

Because of the nature of this particular site, which as you are aware is very prone to cliff slippage, we have not been able to make any provision for social housing.

We have calculated that some £1.25M of our budget will be needed to secure the adjacent cliff area which is owned by the council. While these savings will obviously benefit the whole community who enjoy and use the seafront it sadly leaves no budget for anything else.

However, we hope this will enable the local authority to use those savings where it is needed most.

One could argue that the slippage has already been sorted, although I do not doubt further work may be needed. I can definitely argue that the housing shortage locally is not likely to be addressed by this scheme.


One Response to Yet another scheme that looks like it fails actual housing need

  1. jayman says:

    London is being socially cleansed while Russian oligarchs and the wealthy elite buy up vast swathes of the south east. Meanwhile, in southend, we are building luxury apartments on land that should (for good reason) remain as it is.

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