Fred Nicholson writes, and I respond

Here is a letter in the local press; and I felt compelled to respond.


Fred Nicholson of Southbourne Grove, Westcliff may think that “people engaging in a particularly dangerous activities such as … trips to countries with wars or rampant disease” should pay “for the consequences of their reckless activity” – see his letter under ‘How much did Ebola cost us?

He was referring Pauline Cafferkey, who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone.

I wonder whether he wrote this on Tuesday, which was, of course, the seventy-fifth anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz. I wonder, too, whether this was also a ‘reckless activity’?

I hope Mr Nicholson will come to see that good deeds should not be rewarded with callous commentary.


Julian Ware-Lane


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