The perpetual campaign machine

Matt, Tony, Kevin, and Zita - perpetually

Matt, Tony, Kevin, and Zita – perpetually

I introduced myself to a voter this morning as I was leafleting. The response: “oh, you’re doing your own work!”

Evidently some think that parliamentary candidates have teams that do everything for them, and that they can sit back like a marionette pulling the strings and watching minions doing their bidding.

Regardless of the numbers of helpers I have had in the various campaigns I have led I have always been one to roll up my sleeves and get stuck in. Those who know me well will know that I enjoy this aspect of campaigning more than anything else. I enjoy the hard work involved and my greatest pleasure is doorstep conversations. However, I have tackled all aspects of campaigning, and whilst far from being an expert, there is not much I cannot do, campaign-wise.

With a mere 101 days to go (or fourteen and a bit weeks) we are seeing campaigns starting to kick into gear. It is noticeable that doormats are starting to see campaign literature decorate them. When I say that campaigns are getting into gear I should qualify this: the campaigns for other parties. The Labour Party in Southend-on-Sea is a perpetual campaign machine, briefly pausing only for Christmas and a week or so after an election. Other than that there are teams out all year round.


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