Ah, neighbourhoods, neighbourhoods (Want to be a victim of crime? Come to Central Southend!)

Essex Police divide the glorious county up into neighbourhoods. The urban paradise that is Southend-on-Sea has six neighbourhoods. The neighbourhoods are not of equal size, and nor do they all share the same characteristics. Therefore, comparison is fraught with all sorts of complications. Nonetheless, given statistical information I am not going to ignore the possibilities.

I represent Milton ward, one of the three wards that make up Southend Central neighbourhood.

The most recent data I have shows the following for the six neighbourhoods in Southend-on-Sea.

Neighbourhood Crimes November 2014
Blenheim 276
Eastwood 106
Leigh 177
Southend Central 647
Shoebury 134
Southchurch 220

The two neighbouring local authorities data:

Neighbourhood Crimes November 2014
Canvey 224
Rayleigh 138
Rochford 118
Benfleet 78
Thundersley 70
Hadleigh 44
Hockley 39
Wakering 26
Hulbridge 14
Ashingdon & Canewdon 12

Highlights from the rest of Essex:

Neighbourhood Crimes November 2014
Harlow Central 318
Clacton Central 278
Ardleigh 5
Bradfield 4
Alresford 1

And there you have it – there were twice as many recorded crimes in Southend Central as in any other neighbourhood in Essex in November 2014. Could be a blip, could be that folks in Southend Central are more diligent in reporting crime. Could be. Could be more crime-ridden, too.

Now you know why cuts to policing are so unpalatable in Milton ward.


6 Responses to Ah, neighbourhoods, neighbourhoods (Want to be a victim of crime? Come to Central Southend!)

  1. Have you not just missed the obvious here? Southend Central includes the High Street, so will include shop lifting, pubs and clubs issues, theft from motor vehicle (mainly in car parks at a guess) and seafront issues? Not suggesting that’s great or anything, but not quite the same as comparing it to other neighbourhoods, even if they were the same size…. and, a little the City of London, the number of people living in a ward/neighbourhood doesn’t necessary have much to do with the number of people who may be in it in a given month!

  2. I quote from my post: comparison is fraught with all sorts of complications.

    However, I don’t believe it has the only high street in Essex, or is the only ward with pubs, or clubs. So, whilst you are correct in pointing out that no two neighbourhoods are alike, you are wrong in attempting to brush off the statistics. Besides, I was elected to stand up for Milton.

  3. Nonetheless, given statistical information I am not going to ignore the possibilities.

    Ah, but are you looking at mere data and not real “statistical information“?

    It appears that there is no additional data (at least in your post) to provide baselines, no data to provide time based comparisons, and no demographic and similar data to provide context.

    Politicians need to show restraint from taking raw data that appears to support their point of view. This government is notorious for making this mistake – but perhaps all politicians have a semi-detached relationship with statistics!

    The Crime Map does at least allow you to break down the Southend Central November 2014 crimes by location and type.

    Anti-social behaviour: 217 (34%)
    Violent and Sexual offences: 152 (23%)
    Shoplifting: 54 (8%)
    Criminal Damage and Arson: 48 (7%)
    Other theft: 42 (6%)
    Vehicle Crime: 27 (4%)
    Burglary: 26 (4%)

    So it is also necessary to consider; are all crimes equal?

  4. It is real statistical information, albeit simplistic and far from conveying the full story. However, if you asked the question: which neighbourhood in Essex had the most reported crimes in November 2014? – there really is only one answer.

    There is also no getting away from the 647 reported crimes in Southend Central, and the single crime in Alresford. However you look at it, something is amiss here.

    Perhaps the most telling comparison, though, is within Southend-on-Sea itself.

  5. Alan Grubb says:

    With regard to the above i feel that if the area around was mentioned as Central Southend, not as Southend Central, as i believe as it could lead to confusion with the rail station.

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