Soon it will be time to decide who our country works for

We are now just four months away from the general election, perhaps the most significant in a generation.

On May 7th voters in Southend West and across Britain will have an opportunity choose who will run the country. Will it be Labour and their positive vision that puts working people first, deals with the deficit and protects our NHS; or will it be the Conservatives whose record shows that only a few at the top succeed and public services are threatened?

Fundamentally, it comes down to who we want our country to work for – the many, or the few. For everyday working people and their families, or a privileged few at the top.

The Conservative experiment has failed and their record – on living standards, prospects for our children, protecting our public services and dealing with our nation’s debts – is one to run from, not run on.

Last May Southend-on-Sea passed judgement on the local Conservative administration who had run the town for more than a decade; they did not like what they saw a rejected them. I, elected in 2012 into opposition at the Civic Centre, am now a proud member of a Joint Administration that is already showing how the town should be run. We are listening, and we are working for the many. But the job is only half done.

Southend has been a one-party state as far as Parliament is concerned, electing nothing but Conservative MPs since 1906. This can change. Southend does not have to put up with an uncaring Conservative Government, and the alternatives that are Conservative in all but name. Only one party represents real change in Southend, and that party is Labour.

A Labour Government will balance the books as soon as possible, rewarding hard work through an £8 minimum wage and an end to exploitive zero-hours contracts. Labour will provide more opportunities for young people. Labour will control immigration and protect our NHS through a guaranteed GP appointment within 48 hours and a £2.5 billion Time to Care fund for thousands more health staff.

If you want a fairer and more equal society you can help make that happen on May 7th.


One Response to Soon it will be time to decide who our country works for

  1. Tories + Labour: Anti nationalisation (Railways, energy and water)
    Tories + Labour: Pro-privatisation of the NHS
    Tories + Labour: Pro Privatisation of education
    Tories & Labour: Pro EU
    Tories & Labour: Pro-Austerity
    Tories & Labour: Pro-Neo liberal economic policies
    Labour pledge to stick to Tory spending cuts post 2015

    You have to ask yourself, exactly what is the point of Labour…

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