The 23 most marginal seats in Parliament

These are the twenty-three most marginal seats in Parliament, based on the results in 2010. These seats all have a majority under one per cent of those who voted.

constituency majority Winner Runner-up
Fermanagh 4 Sinn Fein Independent
Hampstead 42 Labour Conservative
Warwickshire North 54 Conservative Labour
Camborne and Redruth 66 Conservative Liberal Democrat
Bolton West 92 Labour Conservative
Thurrock 92 Conservative Labour
Oldham East 103 Labour Liberal Democrat
Hendon 106 Conservative Labour
Sheffield Central 165 Labour Liberal Democrat
Solihull 175 Liberal Democrat Conservative
Oxford West 176 Conservative Liberal Democrat
Ashfield 192 Labour Liberal Democrat
Southampton Itchen 192 Labour Conservative
Cardiff North 194 Conservative Labour
Sherwood 214 Conservative Labour
Dorset Mid and Poole North 269 Liberal Democrat Conservative
Norwich South 310 Liberal Democrat Labour
Edinburgh South 316 Labour Liberal Democrat
Stockton South 332 Conservative Labour
Lancaster and Fleetwood 333 Conservative Labour
Bradford East 365 Liberal Democrat Labour
Broxtowe 389 Conservative Labour
Truro and Falmouth 435 Conservative Liberal Democrat

A movement of a mere half a per cent towards the party in second place would see these seats change hands. It will be noted that eleven of these are Conservative, whereas seven are Labour held.

A further fourteen seats have a majorities between 1% and 2%.


One Response to The 23 most marginal seats in Parliament

  1. So to elect a Labour Government, should Labour activists (and Conservative activists to prevent a Labour Government) work in Southend West or Thurrock?

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