Reform the railways to get a better deal for taxpayers and passengers

Here are some of the ticket rises that the Government has allowed in its near five-year tenure:

Season ticket Increase 2010-2015
Enfield Town –‐ London 33%
Dover Priory (HS1) –‐ London 32%
Dover Priory (non HS1) –‐ London 32%
Hastings or Rye (HS1) –‐ London St Pancras 32%
Chester –‐ Manchester (any permitted route) 30%
Garforth –‐ Leeds 30%
New Pudsey –‐ Leeds 30%
Bradford Interchange –‐ Leeds 29%
Dewsbury –‐ Leeds 29%
Morecambe –‐ Lancaster 29%
Guiseley –‐ Leeds 28%
Milton Keynes –‐ London 28%
Northampton –‐ London 28%

Labour would deliver a better deal for passengers and taxpayers by reforming the railways, simplifying the ticketing system and enforcing a strict cap on fares on every route.


2 Responses to Reform the railways to get a better deal for taxpayers and passengers

  1. westboroeye says:

    Could you show the figures for the last 10 years, then the electorate will be able to compare old for new? governments that is.

  2. If you enforce a strict cap on fares, what gives?
    – Franchise holders profits? OK, they walk away
    – Service Improvements? I am told that some service is dreadful. Certainly the “Pacer” units we have to use are awful.
    – Subsidies from tax-payers? Often the very people who have been priced off or driven away from what Richard Hammond (when Transport Secretary) called “a rich man’s toy”.
    Or will we find that in reality the “strict cap” will be rather loose so that it is easy to “strictly enforce”?

    Time for a more fundamental re-think of the need for transport – particularly commuting.

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