Taking action

Some of the things that Labour has already done in the short time we have been part of the Joint Administration in Southend-on-Sea.

• We are taking action on Victoria Avenue, after years of neglect under the Conservatives. This is part of a strategy to bring more jobs and investment to our area. Derelict tower blocks have blighted our town for too long. It is time to do something about them.
• We are speaking up for local services. We have successfully campaigned to keep Hamstel Children’s Centre open and we are looking to make sure all our libraries have proper paid staff.
• We are looking to invest in community facilities, particularly in central Southend to put something back into the community after Conservative cuts.
• Addressing the housing crisis and build affordable and social housing, to help local people struggling to find a home.
• Review the Shoebury sea wall plans. Local people do not trust the Conservatives’ decisions. We will look at alternatives.


4 Responses to Taking action

  1. Mark Davies says:

    I was a lifelong Labour voter but never again will I give them my vote. The main Westminster parties need a kick up the arse for the way they have taken the electorate for granted all these years. I will be voting UKIP. I urge all disaffected voters to do the same or vote for a party other than the LibLabCon. They have had it too good for too long.

  2. And what are UKIP offering that will really help people? They are a right-wing party that will only serve the interests of the rich.

  3. UKIP are offering people something different. The big problem with ‘LibLabCon’ is that they are all the same, this is why they are losing votes to UKIP, I feel the same as Mark, time for change. Those parties are responsible for the way the country is now, listening to Labour talking about balancing the books is nothing far from a joke considering they are the ones who threw them in the air.

  4. Rob Brown says:

    The ‘all the same’ line is a bit old now. Trueish when we had Blair v Cameron on the benches. But the choice this time is real. The options on the cost of living, on ideological cuts, an EU referendum and more hasn’t been so real for at least 20 years. UKIP are the party of the pessimistic, the grumpy, and the racists. Which are you?

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