More people waiting longer in A&E under David Cameron



2 Responses to More people waiting longer in A&E under David Cameron

  1. Neil says:

    Of course there are more people waiting. The whole of the political spectrum has been obscenely lobbied by private companies who are licking their lips at the thought of a privately run health service, where profit comes before people. Time to reshape the whole of the system. Labour, Lib Dem and Tory have all brought us to this point. They are all to blame and they must all be swept away – to be replaced with a modern, fresh way of forging our collective life experience. The main parties are crusty old dinosaurs operating in a corrupted system, and are no longer fit for purpose. To adhere to any one of these parties is to keep propping up the rotten, stinking system we currently have running our lives. If you think you can change anything for the better within the current system then you are kidding yourself, wasting your own time and energy, and playing into the hands of the greedy. Develop a system that excludes greed and you just might be going somewhere.

  2. I thought that when the National Health Service came into being in 1948 we had developed “a system that excludes greed “.

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