Batshit crazy (that must be me)

Cllr Floyd Waterworth (UKIP, Blenheim Park) is right about one thing; when taking to task our political opponents we must make sure we play the ball, not the man (or woman). I hope it is what I do, although I am not infallible in this respect. It is sometimes difficult to separate the person from their actions at times, and describing action, decisions, and statements as ‘crazy’, for instance, will wound some.

Seeking public office inevitably leads to criticism. This is part and parcel of being accountable, and without accountability there is no democracy.

Cllr Waterworth has written to the local press (and to all of Southend-on-Sea’s councillors) on the subject of my friend and Labour colleague Matthew Dent – and in particular his blogging. Matthew reports on this here. Matt does not get it always right, and I do not always agree with him, but he is a fine writer with a keen mind. His has been, in my humble opinion, and excellent addition to Southend-on-Sea’s blogosphere.

Cllr Waterworth is unhappy with Matt’s blogging, he characterises Matt as liking to “specialise in personal attacks“.

I have written about Cllr Waterworth’s unfortunate choice of words in regards to a resident. He has also accused his own group leader of using “weasel words”.

Those in glass houses …..

UKIP should be less po-faced about this, after all his party specialise in demonising whole sections of society. (See Nigel Farage and Ukip’s crybabies need to learn to take criticism). Cllr Waterworth’s is a silent figure on most of the issues affecting the borough, choosing to break cover when he feels personally affronted. It is possible that he will be a Member of Parliament next year (and on that subject, a Thursday date for polling is a convention and is not mandatory, and so the election could be on a Friday) and will doubtless attract all sorts of commentary.

I replied to Cllr Waterworth as follows:

I would rather our candidates be robust about opposition councillors than rude about residents.

You forgot to include your own colleagues amongst your list of critics.

Anyway, do I interpret “I couldn’t encourage anyone to stand for Southend Council unless they have a very thick skin” as meaning that UKIP will have no candidates in May?

I extend my goodwill to all humans all year round (not just men, and I certainly include foreigners).

This attracted two responses from his colleague, Cllr Lawrence Davies. Firstly:

Another typical party political comment from Ware lane, who as we all know is never rude or offensive to anybody. )

Oh dear.

I send goodwill to all people, foreigners and natives alike, and creatures of all kind which should please Cllr Ware lane, as this would include trolls

And this:

Oh and please desist from sending us all links to your childish blog, as if a vain attempt to get the interested readers beyond 2.

Cllr Davies not only fails to spell my surname correctly (I will put that down to a typo (twice)), and he also fails to use my title (Mr or Cllr) – which could be construed as childish. He also appears to call me a ‘troll’. He then labels my writing as childish. Nothing personal there then!

My readership my only be ‘2’ – although the visitor count (always shown on the right-hand side of this blog) would suggest a few more may be visiting.

Me? I am just a lawnmower – you can tell me by the way I walk; I know what I like.


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