UKIP: less of a broom, more like a recycling centre for nervous Tories

UKIPcardThis is what was being delivered in Milton ward last week. It is a generic ‘join us’ type card – no mention of Milton ward or, for that matter, Southend-on-Sea or Essex either.

Its headline proclaims: it’s time we swept away the failed political class. The accompanying cartoon shows Nigel Farrage wielding a broom.

Mr Farrage has been a Member of the European Parliament for fifteen years, which arguably makes him a member of the political class. He is also a former member of the Conservative Party. UKIP has many recycled Tories, true of both of their Members of Parliament. Re-using the political class is not sweeping them away .

The reverse of this card talks of a record of failure. Included is this: Ruinous Middle East wars that make things worse, not better. I sort of agree with this; I opposed the second war in Iraq.

This card is almost identical to what has been put out in Thurrock recently.


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