A box of delights

Amongst the happy tasks that befell me this week was my attendance at the REACH Christmas Party for the Roma community. This was held on Monday at the Balmoral Community Centre in Westcliff-on-Sea. My host was a Polish Streets Ahead Community Worker; apparently many of the Roma community in Southend-on-Sea originate from Poland. I was given a small parcel of hand-made chocolates – truly a box of delights.

Also on Monday I attended the inaugural Southend Central Local Community Meeting – this replacing the Neighbourhood Action Panel. This is an interface between the local police, councillors, community groups, and residents – and Southend Central covers three wards: Kursaal, Milton, and Victoria. The twenty-four attendees included four councillors and four from the police. Anyone can attend these meetings, which cover policing issues for the wards concerned. The next meeting will be on 23rd February, 2015.

I returned to Chalkwell ward for my Parliamentary campaign this week where in pretty short order I had conversations with a self-confessed fascist and a communist. Both were pleasant enough; even the somewhat surreal conversation with the fascist was without rancour.


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