True colours: a nasty shade of purple

Two meetings tonight; I had Place Scrutiny followed by Full Council. Both were fairly undramatic affairs.

Cllr Davies (UKIP, Kursaal) likes to raise the issue of immigration with alarming frequency. I am fully expecting a question along the lines of “would the portfolio holder agree that tea tasted a lot better when it was produced in the Empire” at some point.

His second question to Full Council (as a councillor on this occasion) was succinct: Can the Portfolio Holder inform me what the impact of EU immigration (in particular those claiming benefit) has been on Council services?

His supplementary question went on to mention care home workers with a poor grasp of English – a bit rich from someone who regularly struggles to utter a comprehensible sentence himself. Cllr Davies may worry about care home residents who are supported by nurses with poor English – when he reaches old age he will have to find a nurse fluent in gibberish.

Our care homes, and hospitals, GP practises, dentist surgeries, etc, have many foreigners working in them. Without them we would see services suffer, and in many cases effectively vanish. I hope he explains this to his Kursaal residents.

Cllr Davies still appears to not understand how the Council works. In his rush to exercise his thinly-veiled bigotry he clearly takes little time to prepare his thoughts, or to consider what is actually being discussed.

For the record the 2011 census showed that 3.1% of Southend’s population were born in EU countries outside of the UK, of which 281 were unemployed. Cllr Davies may believe that there has been a ‘flood‘ of immigrants into the Borough since 2011 (I do not happen to think that is the case) but it most certainly is not the job of the Council to maintain such statistics.


2 Responses to True colours: a nasty shade of purple

  1. “…when he reaches old age he will have to find a nurse fluent in gibberish”

    Have we finally discovered Cllr Flewitt’s true vocation in life?

  2. Rob Brown says:

    I humbly suggest he should move to Cambridge.

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