Weaving; Roger tries out his fourth party

Roger Weaver, one-time Conservative mayor of Southend-on-Sea, has become the latest recruit to UKIP’s cause locally. He has been described as ‘high-profile’, although I think ‘has-been’ may be more accurate. Roger has had no role in politics in Southend for over three years.

Here is Roger Weaver’s recent electoral record:

2002 Eastwood Park Conservative 2nd (and elected)
2003 Eastwood Park Conservative 1st
2011 Westborough Conservative 3rd

In 2005 Roger Weaver joined Alliance Southend, the predecessor to the current Independent Group. He did not defend his Eastwood Park seat when his term expired in 2007.

I heard someone describe Mr Weaver as a political chameleon; aside from being a member of the Conservative Party and sitting as an independent (in the guise of Alliance Southend) I am told he was also at one point a member of the Social Democratic Party. Chameleon may be one way of describing him, confused is the word I would use. I cannot help but wonder how long his flirtation with UKIP will last.

UKIP last put up a candidate in St Luke’s ward, where Mr Weaver will be flying their colours in May, in 2010, finishing sixth out of seven.


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