Tim or Timür – does it matter?

In short: yes. If it did not matter why would it feature in the national newspapers, who are writing about the Tory leaflet being distributed for the Aveley and Uplands by-election?

I do not care about Mr Aker’s nationality; it is not an issue for people who share my centre-left politics. Clearly Thurrock’s Conservatives do care.

The leaflet also refers to the Human Rights Act (a wonderful Labour achievement in my view) and uses pictures of Abu Hamza and Abu Qatada in what is clearly a push to inflate prejudices. I have not seen the whole leaflet, but what I have seen leaves a bad taste.

You can read about it here –

Tories resort to ‘cheap tactics’ by calling Ukip’s Tim Aker by Turkish name Timür

Calling Ukip candidate by Turkish name did him a ‘favour’, says Tory MP over controversial campaign leaflet

Are the Thurrock Tories talking Turkish over Tim?

The Conservatives should be better than this, and despite my differences with them I find they usually are. I am afraid that David Cameron’s party is treading where his predecessors would not have trod. I can only hope that behind closed doors Teresa Webster and Jackie Doyle-Price are being reminded of what responsible politics looks like.

There are four candidates for the by-election this Thursday, and they are:

John O’Regan – Labour
Tim Aker – UKIP
Eddie Stringer – Independent
Teresa Webster – Conservative

The result in May

Maggie O’Keeffe-Ray UKIP 1085 47.0%
Teresa Webster Conservative 683 29.6%
Clifford Holloway Labour 372 16.1%
John Livermore Liberal Democrat 161 7.0%

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