October’s by-election summary

There were thirty-six local authority by-elections in October, of which eleven resulted in seats changing hands.

party vote share % seats won candidates net gain
Conservative 27.5 15 36 0
Labour 22.8 9 29 1
UKIP 18.6 3 27 0
Liberal Democrat 13.2 4 20 2
Independent 8.6 3 17 -2
SNP 5.6 2 2 1
Green 3.5 0 15 0
Others 0.7 0 6 -1

The Conservatives are back on top after a good September for Labour. Hats off to the Tories for contesting every one of them, and I am still frustrated by our failure to contest the lot.

The vote share is clearly affected by the number of contests you are in, and whilst you cannot predict what it would have been if every seat had been contested by Labour, using these figures as a guide a Labour candidate in all thirty-six contests could have seen a 28.3% vote share.


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