Selective schools in Southend – a hindrance to social mobility

This is a table showing the number and proportion of pupils in Southend secondary schools eligible for free school meals

School Name Cohort (Yrs 7-14) FSM
Westcliff High School for Girls 1141 5 0%
Southend High School For Boys 1130 22 2%
Westcliff High School for Boys 1111 18 2%
Southend High School For Girls 1034 33 3%
St Bernard’s High School 880 41 5%
St. Thomas More High School 1028 47 5%
Belfairs Academy 1337 85 6%
The Eastwood Academy 837 101 12%
Shoeburyness High School 1686 252 15%
Cecil Jones College 1083 271 25%
Chase High School 1109 307 28%
Futures Community College 590 174 29%
Secondary Schools Totals 12966 1356 10%

Guess which school are selective, and which are described as inadequate or requires improvement?

Grammar schools do not aide social mobility – they hinder it.


6 Responses to Selective schools in Southend – a hindrance to social mobility

  1. Well said Julian – we live in an unjust society with the privilege no recognising the unused potential of the poor.

  2. Rob Brown says:

    Great post Julian. I am writing about it now, expect a pingback at some point this week.

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  4. Tory Pier says:

    Sorry, I know you like to bash the grammar schools but the above data does not prove that they are a hindrance to social mobility.

    The number getting to the selective schools cannot be blamed purely on them; that’s in large part down to the primaries not doing their jobs properly (not in all cases obviously).

    If you’d analysed what happens to those on FSM once at the selectives there may have been some merit to the post but as is it proves very little. However, I suggest that had you done so, you would have reached a conclusion that you wouldn’t have liked.

  5. I have received an update on the numbers for SOUTHEND H.S. FOR GIRLS and Belfairs Academy (and Secondary Schools Totals) and have amended the data in this post as a consequence.

  6. Rob Brown says:

    I have just noticed the further comments on here and cannot believe the utter stupidity of the argument.

    It is not at all sensible to consider the FSM gap of a school with only five FSM pupils. It is a statistical irrelevance. I am sure all five did very well, they are presumably five of the most talented FSM girls in South Essex of course they are doing well in an outstanding school.

    There are only so many pupils that can get into Grammar’s, in Southend the rest are unfairly doomed to failure.

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