Southend West Labour Candidate backs the Hunting Act

Hunt and houndsI smile as I recall that day, a decade ago, when a Labour Government finally ended the cruelty that was fox hunting. There can be no excuse for animal cruelty, and a measure of how civilised a society is in how it treats animals.

Today we can celebrate the 10 Year anniversary of Labour’s Hunting Act. However, the Conservative Party led by David Cameron wants to scrap the ban and bring back fox hunting.

Julian Ware-Lane said: “I hope that one day we can see the act tightened up, not it being removed from the statute book. We cannot allow this barbarity to return – it really would be a big step backwards.”

The Labour Party has a long and proud tradition of protecting and improving the rights of animals. It was ten years ago today (Tuesday 18th November) that the Labour Party finally ended the cruel and
inexcusable practice of hunting with dogs.

Unfortunately, David Cameron and the Conservatives are determined open up the debate again. The current Secretary of State for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs, Liz Truss, recently said that the Hunting Act was a ‘mistake’ and that she would ‘vote for a repeal’.

The Labour Party are clear that with Britain facing a cost of living crisis, this Conservative obsession to hold another vote in Parliament shows just out of touch they are with people’s day to day lives. The Hunting Act remains one of Labour’s proudest achievements and is widely supported across the country.


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