Business Sprinkler Alliance

I am no expert, but this certainly looks interesting – Business Sprinkler Alliance

The following comes from their blub that I picked up recently.

• There are 80,000 warehouses in England and Wales.
• On average there are 621 fires in warehouses each year – 588 are in warehouses without sprinklers.
• 996 jobs are lost annually to warehouse fires.
• The UK has the least rigorous requirements for sprinkler installation in warehouses compared to competitor economies.
• 135,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide are released into the atmosphere annually as a result of fires in unsprinklered warehouses.
• Between 25 million and 18 billion litres of water are used to fight all unsprinklered commercial and industrial fires, nationally, per year.
• Only 4.3 million litres of water would be used per year to fight these same fires if the buildings were protected by fire sprinklers.

This certainly is food for thought.

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